Blueberry & Rapsberry Hemp Smoothie

Hemp is a good source of Omega 3’s and all the essential fatty acids that we need. Chef Mike believes in a Healthy Lifestyle, I like to add hemp to all my dishes. Hemp is a great source of all the essential fatty acid’s that we need, Omega 3 and Omega 6.
The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is just be nice to your body and always feel great with what your doing.

I am going to make a Hemp seed shake that is going to make you feel re-energized and reinvigorated. We’re going to use the Hemp Seed Milk which we are going to make from Hemp seeds, dates, and water. We are also going to use two fruits that are known for antioxidant properties, blueberries and raspberries. Also going to use hemp seed oil to help all these ingredients emulsify.

Refreshingly, what was expected here is a blend – to take a beautiful picture.


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