Oklahoma legalizes the use of Medical Cannabis

Congratulations to the Sooner State! Oklahoma becomes the Thirtieth state in the Union to legalize Medical Cannabis, acknowledging that herbal medicine does indeed have an important role in our society and overall health. Bravo Oklahoma! anti herpes. Which State will be next? #MedicalMarijuama #oklahoma #q78 #nomoredrugwar #cannabis #cannabiscommunity #thc #cbd #hemp #cannabisplanet #activism #marijuanamedia

Canada Legalizes the Adult-Use of Cannabis!

Canada has blazed a trail as the first G-7 country in the world to legalize the adult use of cannabis, legal to possess, sell and cultivate. Bravo Canada! #Canada #AdultUse #Cannabis #EndProhibition #G7 #THC #CBD #HEMP

Japan allows CBD advertising

CBD has been legal in Japan since 2016, yet Elexinol was the first company allowed to advertise with an outdoor billboard. Congratulations to Japan for seeing the light. How do you advertise for your Cannabis brand?

Congress to protect Medical Cannabis

Congress moved to protect medical cannabis laws across the country when David Joyce (R) Ohio, added the Medical Marijuana Protection Provision which will last through 2009. They did not however protect adult-use cannabis. blood pressure. When will the Government heed the will of the people? Like & Share if you agree it is High Time to legalize cannabis federally. ampills.com

Cannabis Breathalyzers on the Horizon?

Cannabis DUI? Evidently the Alameda County prosecutors delayed and ultimately canceled the arraignment of a man suspected of causing a fatal car crash while supposedly under the influence of cannabis. Will Cannabis Breathalyzers become standard practice with law enforcement? A car accident on a California highway that left three dead and five injured have cops asking just this. What do …

From Booze to Buds! Jim Beam heir starts cannabis empire.

Jim Beam was founded just after alcohol prohibition, Harry Blum invested $5,000 and eventually bought out his partners in Jim Beam. Now, Blum’s grandson Ben Kovler wants to duplicate that legacy in the post prohibition cannabis market.

Supreme Court Ruling will affect Cannabis Industry

The Supreme Court’s ruling supporting gambling in New Jersey is a victory for the 10th Amendment & States Rights. It should also set a precedent for the cannabis industry to conduct commerce unimpeded by federal interference.

Medical Cannabis smoking ban in Florida

The state of Florida’s health department is being sued over a medical cannabis smoking ban that voters say violates their rights under Amendment 2, the medical cannabis law enacted in 2016. The trial date is set for May 16th.