Small college makes a BIG statement!

Texas Wesleyan University made a BIG STATEMENT when they fired long time head baseball Mike Jeffcoat over his discrimination of a recruit from Colorado because that state has legal, adult-use cannabis laws.

R.I.P. Dennis Peron

Dennis Peron, who openly dealt cannabis from a “supermarket” in San Francisco in the 1970s before leading a successful campaign to legalize it for medical use in California two decades later, died on Saturday at a San Francisco hospital. He was 71.

The Marijuana Justice Act

The bill lays the groundwork for an “inclusive” marijuana industry by expunging federal arrest records and establishing a community reinvestment fund that helps former convicts enter the legal industry. The bill is a companion to Sen. Cory Booker’s legislation introduced in the Senate in 2017.

DUI checkpoints for Weed?

San Diego County is conducting some very controversial DUI tests for Cannabis that most patients and consumers are claiming are unfair and inaccurate… Have you been stopped? Do you feel this is right? Let us know.

VA Denies Veterans Medical Marijuana

VA Denies Veterans Cannabis

The Department of Veterans Affairs said it would not conduct research whether medical marijuana could help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain. While veteran groups are pushing for the use of drugs an alternative to opioids and anti-depressants.  Jullie Holland a Psychiatrist specializing in Psychopharmacology and Dr. . Christopher Fichtner a psychiatrist specializes in P.T.S.D speak …

FLORIDA Cannabis Laws Undermined!

Lawmakers in Florida see set on undoing the cannabis laws that were recently voted in, thus undermining the access to medical cannabis. Call your Florida representative today to voice your concern!

Canada to Legalize Cannabis Recreationally!

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau introduced a bill that will legalize the adult use of in Canada. Canada will become only the second nation (after Uruguay) to legalize cannabis as a consumer product. CONGRATULATIONS Canada for helping to lead the way to END Cannabis Prohibition worldwide!